Mom On The Move!

Sitting still? What is that? Do people actually do that?

I often have people ask me, “what shows do you watch?” I know that Netflix is super trendy and that being said, we even have it! I hate to break it to you, but when I DO sit down on the couch…I am usually asleep within ten minutes. I’m what I like to call, “A Mom On The Move!”

I love my city! I love finding fun things to do in my city! In order to get to these fun events, I have to drive and I rarely leave home without my sidekick! Like all moms, I want the best for my baby. I searched high and low for a safe, reliable car seat that will not only fit my son NOW, but will continue to GROW with Hampton through the toddler years, into preschool…dare I add, possibly into kindergarten and beyond?

The CHICCO NextFit iX Zip Convertible Car Seat is THAT carseat! This carseat does IT ALL! Beginning with the newborn years, this car seat will travel as a rear facing car seat all the way up to 40lbs. It doesn’t stop there! The car seat then “levels up” in the family world by offering the forward facing position to accommodate older children up to 65lbs! Comfort? Check that off the list! The NextFit iX Zip Convertible Car Seat has 9 comfortable positions for your little one so they can cruise in comfort! Now this next benefit is IN THE SAME ITSELF! The seat pads ZIP OFF in a flash and are machine washable! My inner Danny Tanner is gleaming!

Don’t take my word for it! Visit CHICCO NEXTFIT iX Zip Convertible Car Seat and see for yourself how magnificent this car seat truly is!

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