Oscar Worthy Craft

Celebrate the 90th Academy Awards with this EASY “Hollywood Star” Craft!

What You Need

  • Star Template, printed and cut out
  • Construction Paper (I used black but any color works great!)
  • Gold Marker or Gold Pen
  • White Paint
  • Paintbrush or Spongebrush
  • Glue Stick

*If your little one is able to practice cutting with child friendly scissors, you can apply that to the directions below! It is a great way to practice gross motor skills!*

Simply print the star template below and cut along the edges. Next write the name of your little Hollywood “actor” or “actress” in the middle of the star using the gold marker. Once the star is personalized, use the glue stick to apply the star to the middle of the construction paper.

The last step is to stamp your little star’s footprints on each side of the “Hollywood Star.” If you have an older child, handprints are a fantastic alternative to footprints. I have discovered that with a five month old, footprints are the best option with this craft! This is a fun keepsake or even decoration for an Oscar viewing party!


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