1-2-3 Grow With Me!

Shapes, Music & Colors GALORE!

I am excited to announce that Hampton is already beginning to act a lot like his mama! Hampton LOVES being entertained! Actually, come to think of it…what baby doesn’t enjoy being entertained?

The 1-2-3 Ready-to-Grow Activity Center by Kolcraft is so fantastic, it actually makes learning fun! This activity center can be used in three different stages. It begins at four months and will grow with your little one all the way up to thirty-six months! The moment my package arrived, I was anxious to see what Hampton thought of his newest form of entertainment. I was shocked at how EASY it was to put together the activity center! The first stage features several developmental toys including a light-up piano that also doubles as a light up book! The piano/book sings music, games and poems in both Spanish AND English! This stage also includes several textured toys to help develop gross motor skills.

I quickly sat Hampton down and immediately he was drawn to the colorful lights and fun sounds! I loved watching his eyes light up in response to his little fingers feeling the textured flower and also hearing the sound of the petals crinkling with every tiny touch! The spinning caterpillar comes in third place, for the time being, as his favorite toy on the activity center. The activity center includes two toy loop holes, making it easy to rotate new learning toys for endless fun! What makes this activity center so unique is that Hampton will continue to use it as he grows! Once Hampton grows into a toddler, the activity center transforms into an activity TABLE! It doesn’t stop there! The art easel is then able to detach from the activity table and can be used for creative play with magnets! I am so excited to see what Hampton will discover next with the 1-2-3 Ready-to-Grow Activity Center by Kolcraft!

What will your little one discover? Find out more by visiting 1-2-3 Ready-to-Grow by Kolcraft!

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