Comfort Meets Playtime!

Once Upon A Time…

 …there was a mother who REALLY wanted her little one to love tummy time. First, the mother ordered a super soft play mat with cute little features such as a mirror and squeaky toys. The mother tried this play mat with her baby. The play mat was SO soft that the directions did not allow for machine wash. The baby quickly ruined this play mat with an excess amount of vomit and drool. Second, the mother ordered a play mat that was soft but thin. This mat was TOO thin. Last but not least, the mother ordered a play mat from Softtiles. This mat was JUST RIGHT for her baby. Tummy time increasingly became easier for her baby and the mother was extremely happy with her Softtiles Play Mat.

I have a confession. The mother in the story is me! Tummy time is slowly taking over our daily routine. Tummy time helps strengthen a baby’s head, neck and upper body muscles. Hampton doesn’t exactly adore tummy time just yet, but it is getting easier thanks to our new mat from Softtiles. The texture of the mat allows Hampton’s tiny toes and fingers to gently grip the mat when practicing tummy time. The 9 piece foam mat is non toxic and is 6.5ft by 6.5ft which is the perfect size for Hampton’s playroom. The non toxic foam is EASY to sanitize and clean. Softtiles allows you customize each play mat including personalization, theme and color! I personally love the TRANSPORTATION theme for Hampton’s playroom in the dark grey, light grey and white color combination. The Softtiles mat was extremely easy to order and arrived in pristine condition delivered directly to my door!

Create your PERFECT play time mat by following this link…SOFTTILES SQUARE FOAM MATS

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