Shaving Cream Sensations!

Tummy Time Craft!

This craft was by far one of the EASIEST I have blogged about and it really paid off! I am constantly working on making “tummy time” more engaging so Hampton will like it more! I found this SUPER easy craft that will take little to no time to put together and only a few supplies…


  • Shaving Cream
  • Ziploc Bag
  • Strong Tape

This is an ADULT SUPERVISED craft!!! First take your ziploc bag and fill it with shaving cream. Squeeze all of the air OUT of the ziploc bag prior to sealing the bag. Next, tape the bag to a flat surface. It can be the tile floor, a playmat, but really any flat surface will work! Place one strip of tape on each side of the bag making sure the bag is safely secured down to the flat surface.

I used a small infant pillow to prop Hampton up and allowed him to feel the sensation of the shaving cream moving around in the Ziploc bag. This may not seem too exciting to the average adult however this is helping improve your little one’s gross motor skills and is a fantastic way to INCORPORATE sensory play into tummy time!

Check out this craft & MORE by following this link… BABY SENSORY CRAFTS

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