Cat In The Hat Craft

Celebrate Dr.Seuss’s Birthday by recreating his FAVORITE cat!

What You Need

  • Construction Paper in Red, Blue, White, Black
  • Glue Stick
  • Black Marker
  • Scissors
  • A small bowl for tracing purposes

This craft is fun for all ages but I recommend cutting the shapes out prior to crafting if your little one is four years or younger.  If you decide to to precut your shapes, you will need… 1 white circle, 3 medium sized red rectangles, 3 medium sized white rectangles, 1 large red rectangle, 6 small black rectangles and 1 small black circle.

First, take a white piece of construction paper and place the small bowl on top. Using a marker or pencil, trace around the entire bowl. Once the circle is traced, cut it out and using the glue stick, glue the circle towards the bottom of the blue contraction paper.

Second, begin building the cat’s hat. Take the large red rectangle and glue it as the base of the hat. Alternate with the leftover red and white rectangles to build the cat’s hat upwards, towards the top of the paper. This a great time to incorporate patterns into this craft.

Last but not least, is creating the cat’s face! Glue the small black circle in the middle of the white circle. Take the black rectangles and glue three on each side for whiskers. Finish up by drawing two small eyes and a fun smile!

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