You’ve Got “Valentine” Mail!

The Scene: Grade School 

The Event: Valentine’s Day Card Exchange

Almost all of my favorite memories from grade school include celebrating holidays within the classroom. Valentine’s Day was no different. I loved going to the store with my mom and picking out THE PERFECT valentine cards and signing my name on each and every one. I always went with an extremely colorful and cheesy card set. It usually consisted of puppies, kittens or Lisa Frank characters.

I channeled my anticipation for the big day through decorating my Valentine’s Day “Mailbox.” The one place ALL of my lovely little letters or store bought cards would be kept safe. The more color, glitter and stickers…the better the mailbox!

As an adult, I am now anticipating the day I can celebrate and craft with my favorite little man. Until then, please enjoy the links below that include FUN and CREATIVE ways to celebrate with your tiny human all month long! XOXO

Valentine Mailbox Decor & Kits

Valentine Kids Crafts

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