Sock It To Me!

An open letter to the mysterious sock sender…

Dear Sock Friend,

I want to thank you. I received a small Amazon package recently and inside was a delightful surprise. It was a pair of socks. This was not just an ordinary pair of socks. These socks deliver a clear and very important message.


The package did not offer a return address. It stated the socks were delivered from China but that was it. I have NO IDEA who went out of their way to send me this fantastic pair of socks. Hampton had his second round of vaccines today and needless to say, this mama needed a well deserved glass of wine. To whomever sent the socks, THANK YOU! They are comfortable, soft and offer a kind message of encouragement to my husband.

That being said, this Mama poured her own glass of wine. CHEERS!

Order your own pair here…WINE SOCKS

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