Have A Seat Baby!

I am currently residing in Boxland, USA. We are rapidly heading towards the finish line of packing up the house and the moving truck is set to come this weekend! How has packing been possible with a six month old?

The answer is our Regalo Baby Floor Seat!

  There is never a convenient time to move, especially with a baby! Moving requires a lot of work, organization and patience. Speaking of time, we only have three weeks to pack up and move out of our house! Sounds insane with a six month old baby. However, my saving grace has been the Regalo Baby Floor Seat!

  The Regalo Baby Floor Seat has given me the ability to pack up my house, room by room with Hampton observing my every move the entire time! This sophisticated floor seat offers durable yet soft foam cushioning that hugs Hampton perfectly. The adjustable straps keep Hampton buckled in as he safely sits up on his own. Hampton loves observing the world around him and in this case, it is watching mama pack up his playroom!

The Regalo Baby Floor Seat features an attachable tray that I am able to put snacks and development toys on too! Hampton is quickly learning to entertain himself but also enjoys when I sit down next to him and play right along. This floor seat is extremely easy to wipe clean which has come in handy since Hampton recently began eating sweet potatoes and squash. If you are a Pinterest fan like I am, the the Regalo Baby Floor Seat is also perfect for crafting with little ones!

See the Regalo Baby Floor Seat Here


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