Baby Butterfly Prints

I have yet to meet a mama who doesn’t LOVE baby feet!

Mother’s Day is around the corner! I’m still in disbelief that it is almost May! This is the perfect project for Mother’s Day! I love crafting and feet are the easiest, for me personally, to use when crafting with Hampton!

  • What You Need

  • Small Canvas
  • 3 Assorted Paint Colors (I chose pink, purple and yellow for Spring!)
  • Black Paint
  • 4 Paint brushes
  • Plate for paints
  • Baby feet

To get this craft going,  I prefer to have Hampton sitting in a small baby floor seat. I entertain him with a few light up toys of his preference to ensure he is happy during the craft.

Have the canvas directly by your side before you begin painting. Use a separate paint brush for each color, this helps move the craft along quicker. Paint the top section of the foot one color. Switch to a separate paint and paintbrush. Then paint the middle section of the foot. Repeat and paint the bottom part of the foot with the remaining color. Quickly stamp the foot onto the canvas, making sure to gently press down. I roll the foot beginning at his heel and ending with his toes in order to get a solid stamp. Repeat the steps for the next foot and allow canvas to dry.

Once the canvas is dry, use a thin paintbrush and black paint to carefully fill in the core section of the butterfly. I prefer starting at the bottom and painting upwards, ending with the antennas. Allow the canvas to dry one more time. Voila! The end result is the most beautiful baby butterfly toes ever!

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