Balloon Bliss!

Kick, Kick!

This activity is super EASY and ENGAGING for tiny babies! I love keeping Hampton entertained but often find myself rotating between the same two or three activities. It usually consists of the “bouncer” or the “play mat.” I was looking for ways to switch it up and I finally found one!


The set-up is simple! All you need is two balloons inflated with helium, each attached to a string. Gently lay your little one on a soft floor. Tie each balloon to their ankle. I opted to tie it over his clothing to prevent any discomfort on his baby soft skin. It took a few moments but I tapped the balloons a few times and assisted him with the kicking until he began to look up and realize “hey, maybe I’m the one controlling this fun?!”

This activity is FANTASTIC FUN and can also help develop their GROSS MOTOR SKILLS! 

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