Hush Little Baby

Nap time just got a little easier…

I first came across the BabyShusher at our newborn photography shoot. Hampton was in an entirely different environment and at that moment in time, he was NOT having any of it. The photographer shot me a look that said, “Oh I’ll handle it” and the look I gave her right back said, “I would love to see you try…”

The photographer then whipped out this beautiful, tiny orange and white sound machine. Now it only makes one consistent sound. That sound is a long, drawn out “ssshhhuuuussshh” that repeats itself over and over. What happened after can only be described as “magical.” Hampton began to calm down. I mean he like REALLY calmed down. It was majestic, confusing and wonderful all rolled into one positive vibe that filled the room. I understand that this may not work for every baby, but it certainly works wonders for my infant who loves a solid cry. I highly recommend The BabyShusher to all newborn parents!

Don’t Believe Me? Follow this link and try it for yourself…Baby Shusher

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