Live & Let Drool!

Hampton just hit the 3 month mark!

Can you believe it? We hardly can! That being said, we recently found out that Hampton has acid reflux…

It took a few days and a couple of outings before I came to accept the fact that this spit-up-show was here to stay! That being said, I prepared myself by suiting up for battle before every outing. This includes bringing 2-3 changes of clothes for not only Hampton, but myself as well! Along with multiple outfits, I include spit-up cloths by the dozen as well as bibs! Lots and lots of bibs! I am quickly learning that one can never have TOO many bibs! I am a huge fan of the bandana bibs and luckily came across 10 Bandana Bibs in plain white for a great price! I recently received them and I’m a fan of how easy they are to toss in the wash with a little bit of bleach and how soft they continue to stay!


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