Let Them Eat CAKE!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Let’s celebrate with homemade Chocolate Frosted Vanilla Cake Bars by FLIPBOX! Skip your long trip down every grocery aisle by ordering FlipBox and have your premium, dry ingredients delivered directly to your door today!

The ingredients include healthy dessert options such as coconut oil,  unsweetened applesauce and gluten free oat flour that will surely put a smile on your little one’s face! Believe me, I was skeptical using unsweetened applesauce to make my vanilla cake bars but this recipe did not let me down! It was delicious! Simply add your own wet ingredients to complete your recipe and satisfy that sweet tooth!

BONUS: Each FLIPBOX includes an adorable MINI-APRON & SPATULA for your little baker to help bring your recipe to life! Also, the spatula comes in handy for licking the icing bowl!

Order today and use the code, “TheMommyNichols” to receive 15% off your very own  FLIPBOX

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