New Mama, New Hobby!

Let’s be honest…the OBGYN is great for many reasons but when is the last time you have gone to an appointment and walked away with a new friend? The occasional small talk in the waiting room is great but rarely (or in my case, never) leads to a newfound friendship.

This discovery led to a brand new opportunity for not only myself but for ALL the beautiful and expecting mamas in my area! Twice a month, I will be hosting a pregnancy support & chat group appropriately titled, “Talk Baby To Me.” I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity at a local (and absolutely WONDERFUL) indoor play space called Bay N Bee. Each meet-up will feature a new guest speaker that will lead a small discussion filled with fun knowledge for the women attending! Some of the speakers include lactation counselors, Jax Moms Blog (a fantastic local network for all moms in the Jacksonville,Fl area), prenatal yoga instructors, doulas, a labor delivery nurse, and more! The icing on this magnificent pregnancy-packed cake is being able to meet SO many wonderful women in my area that I can connect with and hopefully form friendships with!

The first meet-up was Saturday and I am just over the moon with how well it went! I felt so comfortable chatting about everything from breastfeeding to birthing with phenomenal women!  The next event takes place in two weeks at a pregnancy brunch/convention rolling through town called Bloom and I’m looking forward to more chit-chat with a side of laughter!

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