Mother’s Day Craft


I remember asking several people last year, “Am I able to celebrate Mother’s Day if I am pregnant?” Opinions began pouring in and I ultimately decided to celebrate with my immediate family by announcing our baby’s gender. I went for a simple approach and to be honest, it was due to a straight up craving. A vanilla cake layered with buttercream icing filled with chocolate malt balls. This is what my pregnancy dreams were made of people!

The concept of the reveal was also simple. Cut into the cake and if pink candies poured out, it was a girl. If blue candies poured out, it was a boy. There was one minor plot twist. I already knew what I was having. I actually received the phone call with the blood work results. I kept the secret for only a week, but it was so special to have that time with my soon to be son.

Mushiness set aside this painting craft is PERFECT for Mother’s Day! This is a hands on activity and a great way to explore textures with your baby or toddler!

What You Need

  • 2 Paint Colors
  • Small Plate
  • Dandelion Printable Worksheet
  • Hand Wipes

First pick a dandelion outline below to your liking and print. Next, pour a quarter size amount of each paint color onto a small plate. Guide your baby or toddler’s fingers into the paint and gently dot stamp onto paper. I held H as we did this activity. Once you have finished painting, allow to dry for 12-24 hours.




New Mama Adventure @ IKEA, Part 1

One of my favorite past times includes furniture shopping. Most of the time, this solely means browsing for designs and inspirations. Enter motherhood and furniture shopping is now on a completely differently playing field…

The Game Plan

Make it through IKEA, start to finish, while grabbing inspirational design ideas as well as a few baby items.

*Bonus Points- Making a pit stop to grab a bite to eat.

Baby Prep

I needed to make sure I was properly prepared for my adventure. I packed…

  • 3 outfits, in case of a blowout or two
  • 2 bottles
  • 1 jar of food with spoon
  • hand sanitizer wipes
  • 2 burp cloths
  • 2-3 baby toys
  • 1 Bounty Roll ( I take this with me pretty much everywhere I go due to the acid reflux)

Adventure Time

Upon arriving, I immediately loaded up the stroller and wasted no time beginning our journey. My mother, also known as my trusty sidekick, was able to meet us ate IKEA. We started maneuvering our way through the front showrooms. I really love how much IKEA has been incorporating faux greenery into each design room. This is handy for people like me who lack a green thumb.

IMG_7226 2

It wasn’t long before it was time for feeding number one. We pulled off the main course and I searched around for a room to call my temporary home. I opted for a room with enough space for the stroller as well as a few pillows to lean on.



One baby feed down! We continued and soon found ourselves submersed in several kitchen showrooms. This is by far my favorite part of IKEA. I love learning new ways to organize my kitchen. As I began grabbing ideas left and right, I immediately fell in love with the open shelving displays. I believe this works great if you have really pretty plates, bowls and random jars.

BONUS: The bright lights combined with the white  cabinets were a fantastic spot for selfies. 

In true IKEA fashion, I felt it was appropriate to break this lengthy adventure up into 2 posts!

Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier

Click, Strap, Tie!

The ComfyFit Baby Carrier by Boppy is as easy as 1,2,3! This carrier is a total game changer for mamas on the go!

  1. Position the belt above the waistline then CLICK!
  2. Place and position the straps comfortably on your shoulders.
  3. Cross the straps and TIE!

I love taking the Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier with me anywhere I go! It is perfect for every adventure. I personally love wearing Hampton in the forward facing position so he is able to observe our adventures up close! The soft fabric makes it easy to wear when we go on our long nature walks. Boppy offers the ComfyFit carrier in grey as well as black. This fits perfectly with my husband’s style as well as my own!

Most importantly, Hampton LOVES being worn in the Boppy ComfyFit carrier! Every time I put him in the carrier, he is all smiles and knows we are about to embark on a fun, new adventure!

Learn more about the ComfyFit Carrier by Boppy here…ComfyFit Carrier

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! Show that special  MAMA in your life some much deserved appreciation with one of these adorable Mother’s Day gifts! BONUS, each gift is under $25!

This book is an excellent gift for Expecting mamas, new mamas or really just ANY mama! We read it daily! Find it here ….MAMA BOOK by Jimmy Fallon

Pop some color into your life with this ID Clip by Kate Spade. Perfect for work badges too! Find it for just under $25 here…Glitter ID Badge by Kate Spade

Life is a party, dress for it! This Tumbler by Lilly Pulitzer is the perfect companion for the pool, beach, car or just for fun! Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler, Lovers Coral


This initial necklace is perfect for any mama! I love sentimental gifts and this necklace tops the cake. It is offered in a silver or rose gold plated silver color. Just under $20! Find it here…Initial Necklace


This MAMA hat is perfect to jazz up any bad hair day! It also looks incredibly cute with jeans or sweats! Find it here for just $23…MAMA Stylish Hat

Roll on the aroma of Lemon Blossoms! Smelling like spring time has never felt so great! Find this roll on perfume for just $10 here…Lemon Blossom

The Super Mom Coupon book is the perfect gift TO MOM, FROM THE KIDDOS! Vouchers inside include “Helping out around the house” and even a “Breakfast in Bed Menu!” You can’t beat this thoughtful gift for under $8! Find it here…Super Mom Coupon Book

Slip on a pair of these memory foam house slippers by Jessica Simpson! Cute, comfortable and perfect for Mamas tired feet! Available in two colors here…Bow Slippers by Jessica Simpson
41pindKbKnL._AC_US436_QL65_.jpgStay awake each and every early morning with this “MAMA BEAR” coffee or tea mug! Find it here…MAMA Bear Mug


Feeling sleepy but still need to make it to that doctor’s appointment? No worries! Toss on this trendy “Tired as a Mother” tee with a pair of jeans and head out the door! This shirt offers comfort and style! Grab it here…“Tired as a Mother” Shirt


This three wick candle will help fill the room with the calming aroma of Eucalyptus and Spearmint. Now draw a bath and help Mama unwind from those long days (and nights.) Buy it here…Stress Relief Candle by Bath & Body Works


This essential oil diffuser will help Mama unwind with the calming aromas of essential oils. It is also a cute deco piece that will match the look of any room! Featuring a 3 timer mist button and 7 light colors, this diffuser is perfect for Mama! Find it here…Victsing 150ml Mini Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser91pf1v03e2L._SX522_.jpg

Explore six different aromas, one bath at a time. Each of these bath bombs are non-gmo, gluten free and organic! Order your 6 pack of bath bombs here…Organic 6-pack Bath Bombs

41+U9mlH2OL._AC_US320_QL65_.jpgHelp Mama unwind with her favorite wine glass! This “Mom Juice” glass will provide Mama with 17oz of vino! Extra brownie points if you pair it with her favorite bottle of wine! Find it here…Mom Juice Wine Glass


This stylish insulated wine tote is perfect for girl’s night in or a pampered day at the spa! I love the classic pattern and it holds up to four bottles of wine! Yahtzee! Find it here…Wine Tote31VkpRZ1daL.jpg

The Oster AUTOMATIC wine opener is cordless and perfect for any wine lover! It is a steal for just under $18! Scoop it up here…Oster Automatic Wine Opener

Spring Home Decor Under $25!

Give your home the flair it deserves this Spring without breaking the bank! I love shopping around each season for new and trendy home decor. This year it is all about the greenery! I rounded up a few of my favorite Spring decor pieces UNDER $25!


This realistic set of 6 succulents includes the POTS AND PLANTS! Sprinkle these around a kitchen, bathroom or even patio for the perfect touch of Mother Nature! Find them here…Artificial Succulent Plants

Greet your guests with this trendy “hello” doormat this Spring! Find it here …HELLO Black Classic Doormat


I love the look of wall plants! These planters combine nature with modern decor. Perfect for the kitchen, laundry room and even fun for a child’s playroom! Find this set of 2 here…Wall Hanging Plants Planter Terrariums


REAL Succulent Plants delivered directly to your door! Now all you need is a terrarium or planter! Find them here…REAL Succulents, Set of 5


This bohemian Macrame Planter is perfect for sprucing up any corner. Get yours here for under $10…Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter


Three’s a company! Each set includes three flower bud vases, each with a different pattern! This will beautifully accent any counter or even work space! Find it here…Rustic Flower Bud Vase, Set of 3

Stand tall and wear the crown! This home deco Pineapple is the perfect accent for any desk! BONUS it’s a faux plant so no need to water! It comes in 10 different colors! Check them out here…Rose Gold Pineapple Plant 613d4GbzyHL._AC_US320_QL65_.jpg

This 18×18 inch pillow cover is perfect for Spring time and for only $8, even better for designing on a dime! Find it here… Mika Home Jacquard Bamboo Leaf Pillow Cover (pillow insert not included)


I love using decorative mirrors to open up small spaces. Mirrors also come in handy for selfies! This adorable mirror is just under $20! Find it here..Mkono Hanging Wall Mirror


This is the most Pinterest worthy utensil holder I have ever laid eyes on! Perfect for testing out new recipes this Spring! It is also UNDER $19! Find it here…MUD PIE Copper Utensil Holder

Create your own bohemian paradise by hanging plants from a wall or ceiling! This macrame hanging shelf is perfect for saving counter space and works beautifully indoor as well as outdoors! Get yours here…Hanging Plant Shelf

Father’s Day Gifting

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and if you enjoy being one step ahead, just like I do, then it is time to begin planning the perfect gift for Papa Bear!

This is Ryan’s first official Father’s Day! I was positive I wanted to make sure the gift I gave him was extremely personal and came from the heart. I am so happy I came across Luhvee Books!

Each Luhvee book is personalized in the comfort of your own home. You can choose for a variety of themes such as “Mother’s Day”, “Grandmother’s Gift”, “Father’s Day” or simply create your own. The pages are beautifully decorated and customized to each theme. Putting the book together is EASY! Pick a theme, upload your photos and fill in the blanks! I admit I even shed a few tears looking back on all the photos of Hampton as a teeny, tiny newborn.

The book arrived in perfect condition and I was amazed at how colorful the pages appeared in person! I loved gathering photos from family members for Ryan’s First Father’s Day book. Hampton loves looking at the photos each time we read the book together!

It is also perfect for Mother’s & Grandmothers as well! Here are a few pages from the fabulous Luhvee Book I made my mother…

GET FREE SHIPPING UNTIL 4/26/18! Create and customized your own Luhvee Book here…MY LUHVEE BOOK

Spring Earrings

This spring it is all about the fashionable earrings!

Make a statement with the earrings you decide to rock this spring and summer season! Here are my favorite picks to pair with a casual outfit or even dressed up for date night!


Royal blue never looked so good and this pair is a steal for just under $7! Find them here…H&M ROYAL BLUE EARRINGS


Beautiful and bright! These earrings pair great with stripes and solid outfits! Find them here..SUGARFIX YELLOW EARRINGS

img-3.jpegEarrings shown in the photo on my Instagram! I love that I can pair this color with just about anything! Grab your own pair here…SUGARFIX WHITE EARRINGS


I love everything about these earrings! Pair with a black sundress or white casual tee and jeans! Find them here …AQUA EARRINGS BY SUGARFIX

img-5.jpegClassic black and white low dangle earrings pair great with a tan sun hat! Find them here…CLASSIC BLACK & WHITE EARRINGS


I recently added this pair to my growing collection and I already have a black & white sun dress to match! Find them here…SHORT TASSEL EARRINGS

img-7.jpegYES to all of these vibrant colors! Pair casual with denim or dress up with a solid color dress! Find them here…VIBRANT SUGARFIX EARRINGS



These earrings can be boho chic or elegant depending on what outfit you pair them with! I always love this color paired with black! Find them here…SUGARFIX STONE EARRINGS


Add a pop of magenta to your spring attire with this fun pair of tassel earrings! Find them here…MAGENTA EARRINGS BY SUGARFIX


Black & White with a POP of color! I love these earrings for day or night time! Find them here…POP OF COLOR BY SUGARFIX


Have A Seat Baby!

I am currently residing in Boxland, USA. We are rapidly heading towards the finish line of packing up the house and the moving truck is set to come this weekend! How has packing been possible with a six month old?

The answer is our Regalo Baby Floor Seat!

  There is never a convenient time to move, especially with a baby! Moving requires a lot of work, organization and patience. Speaking of time, we only have three weeks to pack up and move out of our house! Sounds insane with a six month old baby. However, my saving grace has been the Regalo Baby Floor Seat!

  The Regalo Baby Floor Seat has given me the ability to pack up my house, room by room with Hampton observing my every move the entire time! This sophisticated floor seat offers durable yet soft foam cushioning that hugs Hampton perfectly. The adjustable straps keep Hampton buckled in as he safely sits up on his own. Hampton loves observing the world around him and in this case, it is watching mama pack up his playroom!

The Regalo Baby Floor Seat features an attachable tray that I am able to put snacks and development toys on too! Hampton is quickly learning to entertain himself but also enjoys when I sit down next to him and play right along. This floor seat is extremely easy to wipe clean which has come in handy since Hampton recently began eating sweet potatoes and squash. If you are a Pinterest fan like I am, the the Regalo Baby Floor Seat is also perfect for crafting with little ones!

See the Regalo Baby Floor Seat Here


Paint & Plant

Win over that special gardener in your life with this fun craft! It is also perfect for Mother’s Day!

What You Will Need

Once you have gathered all of your supplies, lay out 3-4 paint colors. I decided to use the colors  light blue, green, purple and pink! Now let your little one paint their Picasso heart out!

Set aside the painted pot and allow to dry for 24 hours. The dry time will depend on the type of paint and HOW much paint was used. I used acrylic and a lot of it! I allowed the pot to dry the full 24 hours.

The final step is to add a flower or Succulent to the pot! Succulents are relatively easy to find and this beautiful succulent is from a local Ace Hardware. Typically any hardware store with a garden center will carry succulents. If not, then opt for a faux succulent. The carefree maintenance of a faux plant is also a fantastic perk!

Bring On The Beach!

The sunshine is here and it is time to hit the beach!

I try to take advantage of the spring months by squeezing in several breezy beach days. I am a well seasoned Floridian and once summer hits, our time will be extremely limited with a baby at the beach.

Here are my favorite items we are excited to bust out for basking in the cool sunshine…


This beach tent is at the top of my list for many reasons. First, it protects baby from the sun while at the beach. Second, it provides a fun splash pool for baby to safely play in with adult supervision. Third it is PORTABLE! Perfect for families on the go! Grab it here…MonoBeach Baby Tent


Sun protection is SUPER important, especially for babies. This adjustable hat is SPF 50 and comes in an assortment of colors. What I love the most is that this hat’s brim is super firm. Unlike floppy hats, this hat will shade your baby without falling into their line of vision. Get your own here…SwimZip Child Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat


This UPF 50 Sun Protection two piece set is perfect for the beach! I like the two piece feature for those fun “blow outs” that are bound to happen. Just change the bottom while keeping the top on and you are good to go! Plus it is simply adorable and available in 7 fun patterns! Find it here…Carter’s Baby Boys Rashguard Set


This beach toy is under $7! I personally have played with this at the beach and it is so adorable! Make sand icecream cones all afternoon! Find it here…Have Sand Icecream Kit


This pop chair is perfect for babies that sit up and want to be in on all the action! This chair is perfect for sports games, picnics, beach dates and festivals! This chair is light weight and EASY to fold! Find it here…Summer Infant Pop & Sit Portable Booster


Calling all little bakers! Scoop, measure and mix up a sunny sand cake with this fun beach kit! This is perfect for beach playdates! Grab it here…Melissa & Doug Sand Baking Kit


I am obsessing over round beach towels! I also love how practical and spacious round beach towels are for changing, playing and drying off a baby! Check out the patterns offered for this round beach towel here…Round Baby Beach Towel


I personally like this sunscreen the more and more I use it on Hampton. The consistency is thick but it covers great! We use it for the zoo, beach and any outdoor adventure! Find it here..Babo Baby Sunscreen


Take the toys, leave the sand! This beach tote is perfect for keeping sand where it belongs…on the beach! It is under $10 so don’t hesitate, get one here…Sand-Away Beach Tote


No more bulky buckets! Each of these silicone buckets collapse making packing and unpacking for the beach or pool a breeze. This is perfect for a beach play date! Get your own three pack here…Foldable Buckets


This was totally an after thought from our first beach trip. Lesson learned. These splashers are perfect for pool or beach days! Find them here…PAMPERS Splashers