1-2-3 Grow With Me!

Shapes, Music & Colors GALORE!

I am excited to announce that Hampton is already beginning to act a lot like his mama! Hampton LOVES being entertained! Actually, come to think of it…what baby doesn’t enjoy being entertained?

The 1-2-3 Ready-to-Grow Activity Center by Kolcraft is so fantastic, it actually makes learning fun! This activity center can be used in three different stages. It begins at four months and will grow with your little one all the way up to thirty-six months! The moment my package arrived, I was anxious to see what Hampton thought of his newest form of entertainment. I was shocked at how EASY it was to put together the activity center! The first stage features several developmental toys including a light-up piano that also doubles as a light up book! The piano/book sings music, games and poems in both Spanish AND English! This stage also includes several textured toys to help develop gross motor skills.

I quickly sat Hampton down and immediately he was drawn to the colorful lights and fun sounds! I loved watching his eyes light up in response to his little fingers feeling the textured flower and also hearing the sound of the petals crinkling with every tiny touch! The spinning caterpillar comes in third place, for the time being, as his favorite toy on the activity center. The activity center includes two toy loop holes, making it easy to rotate new learning toys for endless fun! What makes this activity center so unique is that Hampton will continue to use it as he grows! Once Hampton grows into a toddler, the activity center transforms into an activity TABLE! It doesn’t stop there! The art easel is then able to detach from the activity table and can be used for creative play with magnets! I am so excited to see what Hampton will discover next with the 1-2-3 Ready-to-Grow Activity Center by Kolcraft!

What will your little one discover? Find out more by visiting 1-2-3 Ready-to-Grow by Kolcraft!

Mom On The Move!

Sitting still? What is that? Do people actually do that?

I often have people ask me, “what shows do you watch?” I know that Netflix is super trendy and that being said, we even have it! I hate to break it to you, but when I DO sit down on the couch…I am usually asleep within ten minutes. I’m what I like to call, “A Mom On The Move!”

I love my city! I love finding fun things to do in my city! In order to get to these fun events, I have to drive and I rarely leave home without my sidekick! Like all moms, I want the best for my baby. I searched high and low for a safe, reliable car seat that will not only fit my son NOW, but will continue to GROW with Hampton through the toddler years, into preschool…dare I add, possibly into kindergarten and beyond?

The CHICCO NextFit iX Zip Convertible Car Seat is THAT carseat! This carseat does IT ALL! Beginning with the newborn years, this car seat will travel as a rear facing car seat all the way up to 40lbs. It doesn’t stop there! The car seat then “levels up” in the family world by offering the forward facing position to accommodate older children up to 65lbs! Comfort? Check that off the list! The NextFit iX Zip Convertible Car Seat has 9 comfortable positions for your little one so they can cruise in comfort! Now this next benefit is IN THE SAME ITSELF! The seat pads ZIP OFF in a flash and are machine washable! My inner Danny Tanner is gleaming!

Don’t take my word for it! Visit CHICCO NEXTFIT iX Zip Convertible Car Seat and see for yourself how magnificent this car seat truly is!

Oscar Worthy Craft

Celebrate the 90th Academy Awards with this EASY “Hollywood Star” Craft!

What You Need

  • Star Template, printed and cut out
  • Construction Paper (I used black but any color works great!)
  • Gold Marker or Gold Pen
  • White Paint
  • Paintbrush or Spongebrush
  • Glue Stick

*If your little one is able to practice cutting with child friendly scissors, you can apply that to the directions below! It is a great way to practice gross motor skills!*

Simply print the star template below and cut along the edges. Next write the name of your little Hollywood “actor” or “actress” in the middle of the star using the gold marker. Once the star is personalized, use the glue stick to apply the star to the middle of the construction paper.

The last step is to stamp your little star’s footprints on each side of the “Hollywood Star.” If you have an older child, handprints are a fantastic alternative to footprints. I have discovered that with a five month old, footprints are the best option with this craft! This is a fun keepsake or even decoration for an Oscar viewing party!


Seuss Gear Is Here!

Calling ALL Seuss Fans!

What is colorful, fun and nostalgic all in one? Why Dr.Seuss gear of course! The bright colors and fun prints will dazzle your little one’s imagination! The most fantastic news ever is that Bumkins Baby has created a one stop shop to “Seussify” your child’s mealtime, diapering and even apparel!

I really love introducing Hampton to famous authors at such a young age! Incorporating Dr.Seuss into our everyday activities such as meal time, will help familiarize Hampton with classic characters like “Thing 1” and “Thing 2.” I have no doubt that Hampton will be so excited to recognize the same characters when I begin to read him classic Seuss books such as “The Cat In The Hat.” Hampton will already recognize the characters and feel that much more connected to such a great rhyming literacy book!

Seuss up your little one’s life by following the links below!


Dr. Seuss Apparel

Dr. Seuss Diapering

Dr. Seuss Accessories

Cat In The Hat Craft

Celebrate Dr.Seuss’s Birthday by recreating his FAVORITE cat!

What You Need

  • Construction Paper in Red, Blue, White, Black
  • Glue Stick
  • Black Marker
  • Scissors
  • A small bowl for tracing purposes

This craft is fun for all ages but I recommend cutting the shapes out prior to crafting if your little one is four years or younger.  If you decide to to precut your shapes, you will need… 1 white circle, 3 medium sized red rectangles, 3 medium sized white rectangles, 1 large red rectangle, 6 small black rectangles and 1 small black circle.

First, take a white piece of construction paper and place the small bowl on top. Using a marker or pencil, trace around the entire bowl. Once the circle is traced, cut it out and using the glue stick, glue the circle towards the bottom of the blue contraction paper.

Second, begin building the cat’s hat. Take the large red rectangle and glue it as the base of the hat. Alternate with the leftover red and white rectangles to build the cat’s hat upwards, towards the top of the paper. This a great time to incorporate patterns into this craft.

Last but not least, is creating the cat’s face! Glue the small black circle in the middle of the white circle. Take the black rectangles and glue three on each side for whiskers. Finish up by drawing two small eyes and a fun smile!

Comfort Meets Playtime!

Once Upon A Time…

 …there was a mother who REALLY wanted her little one to love tummy time. First, the mother ordered a super soft play mat with cute little features such as a mirror and squeaky toys. The mother tried this play mat with her baby. The play mat was SO soft that the directions did not allow for machine wash. The baby quickly ruined this play mat with an excess amount of vomit and drool. Second, the mother ordered a play mat that was soft but thin. This mat was TOO thin. Last but not least, the mother ordered a play mat from Softtiles. This mat was JUST RIGHT for her baby. Tummy time increasingly became easier for her baby and the mother was extremely happy with her Softtiles Play Mat.

I have a confession. The mother in the story is me! Tummy time is slowly taking over our daily routine. Tummy time helps strengthen a baby’s head, neck and upper body muscles. Hampton doesn’t exactly adore tummy time just yet, but it is getting easier thanks to our new mat from Softtiles. The texture of the mat allows Hampton’s tiny toes and fingers to gently grip the mat when practicing tummy time. The 9 piece foam mat is non toxic and is 6.5ft by 6.5ft which is the perfect size for Hampton’s playroom. The non toxic foam is EASY to sanitize and clean. Softtiles allows you customize each play mat including personalization, theme and color! I personally love the TRANSPORTATION theme for Hampton’s playroom in the dark grey, light grey and white color combination. The Softtiles mat was extremely easy to order and arrived in pristine condition delivered directly to my door!

Create your PERFECT play time mat by following this link…SOFTTILES SQUARE FOAM MATS

Shaving Cream Sensations!

Tummy Time Craft!

This craft was by far one of the EASIEST I have blogged about and it really paid off! I am constantly working on making “tummy time” more engaging so Hampton will like it more! I found this SUPER easy craft that will take little to no time to put together and only a few supplies…


  • Shaving Cream
  • Ziploc Bag
  • Strong Tape

This is an ADULT SUPERVISED craft!!! First take your ziploc bag and fill it with shaving cream. Squeeze all of the air OUT of the ziploc bag prior to sealing the bag. Next, tape the bag to a flat surface. It can be the tile floor, a playmat, but really any flat surface will work! Place one strip of tape on each side of the bag making sure the bag is safely secured down to the flat surface.

I used a small infant pillow to prop Hampton up and allowed him to feel the sensation of the shaving cream moving around in the Ziploc bag. This may not seem too exciting to the average adult however this is helping improve your little one’s gross motor skills and is a fantastic way to INCORPORATE sensory play into tummy time!

Check out this craft & MORE by following this link… BABY SENSORY CRAFTS