Let the Sun-Shine In with Sunburst Shutters!

I kicked off the New Year with new morning routines! Our daily routine includes a fresh cup of coffee, Jack Johnson melodies playing throughout the house and opening each of our beautifully crafted shutters to “let the sun-shine in”, thanks to Sunburst Shutters! The best part of this routine is the sound of tiny footsteps on the floor as Hampton follows me to each and every shutter. Hampton is now tall enough to help with opening the shutters and he loves every single moment of it!

Convenience, quality and friendly service is why we decided to have Sunburst Shutters install beautiful shutters in our home! Sunburst Shutters made installing shutters a hassle free process and as EASY as 1-2-3!

  1. Call Sunburst Shutters at (904-731-5522) to schedule a date and time for a free, professional in-home consultation.

Kevin from Sunburst Shutters was promptly on-time for our appointment, extremely professional and even brought samples of shutters that were available to be installed in our home. It took little to no time to show Kevin the windows we were interested in having shutters installed and he quickly was able to email us a quote for the installation just a few days following our consultation.

2. The second step is finalizing the details of the shutters. This includes selecting the correct size, material and color that fit our budget.

We opted for white Polywood Shutters. The size we picked was the 4.5” for maximum view and minimum cleaning. Sunburst Shutters was extremely flexible and really helped us stay within our budget!

3. The final step is scheduling the installation appointment with Sunburst Shutters. I was surprised at how easy and convenient it was to have my shutters installed.

Denny was our professional installation technician. I was impressed at his fantastic time management skills. It took little to no time for Denny to safely and securely install each Polywood Shutter. Sunburst Shutters even takes the process of installing the shutters one step further by caulking the border around each shutter. This makes a world of a difference in the appearance of the shutters. The job was done seamlessly. The Polywood Shutters by Sunburst Shutters took the look of our home to the NEXT level. I highly recommend using Sunburst Shutters!

Sunburst Shutters offers a variety of high quality Shutters, Shades, Blinds and even Barndoors!

Visit https://sunburstshutters.com to learn more!

Toddler Eating Essentials

Each day is a new adventure when it comes to figuring our Hampton’s meals. I found Hampton has a love/hate relationship with most food. One day he adores green beans and the next day…green bean who?

Since I am not able to completely predict the food choices, I decided to switch gears and begin figuring out ways to make meal time a little easier on both Hampton as well as myself. Silicone grip dishes featuring suction cups have been a huge hit in our house! I also fancy silicone bibs with large, deep pockets. The depth of the pocket and the quality of the silicone really play a huge factor in assisting with the drippage. If that isn’t a word, it is now!

The food will fly, and the drinks will spill but this comes with the toddlerhood territory! Here are a few of the products we are currently using in the Nichols household!

Casual Weekend Clothing!

Dressing up on the weekend is such a blast but recently, I have been opting for casual clothing! I popped into a few stores this past week to shop a few staple, casual pieces including comfy v-neck tees, hair scarves and of course distressed denim! Check out what I am loving for weekend casual wear below!

Top That! Spring Table Decor

It feels great to be back into the swing of entertaining again! The wonderful world of table decor is new to me and I am really allowing my imagination to run wild! Here are a few of the marvelous pieces I found for Spring, Valentine’s Day and even Easter!

10 BEST Galentine Gifts!

Unique, fun and flavorful! Shop each of these fabulous gifts for your bestie this Valentine’s Day! ( Or treat yo’self! )

4 Finds Under $13!

Today’s 4 FABULOUS finds for under $13 each!

Face Masks & More!

Happy New Year Everyone!

New Year, same ME…trying NEW products! I’m so excited to try new products and share all the details with you! Follow me @themommynichols on Instagram as I try new products all year long!

“Staying In” is The New “Going Out…”

…at least for our family it is! Welcome to toddlerhood, where the meltdowns are unpredictable, the love is unconditional and the party doesn’t start until the toddler is asleep! Who would want to spend New Year’s Eve with a toddler? Why other couples who also have a toddler of course!

We are ringing in 2019 with our fabulous cousins who also happen to have a small toddler! Last year consisted of family pjs, festive decor, tasty cocktails and fresh out of the oven pizza! Here are a few fun items I’m grabbing to make Round TWO even better!

Best Bath Time Toys & Accessories

Scrub-A-Dub, there’s an energetic toddler in the tub! I try my best to re-invent bath time as often as possible with fun activities. Hampton looks forward to taking a bath every night which makes the evenings run a little smoother! Here are a few water play toys and bath time accessories we use on a nightly basis!

Rainy Day Looks For Less

Word on the street is a pair of cute rain boots can motivate any Mama to begin making moves when the weather calls for a little rain! I put together my favorite rain boots for women and toddlers, including a few looks for less!  Happy puddle jumping!